Jewellery tips for older women

We all arrive at that point in a life when we cannot simply wear any random jewellery and kickstart the day. Women shouldn’t be concerned about thinking they require expensive, big, and flashy branded jewellery pieces just to stand out. Instead, your jewellery must complement your amazing qualities and grab people’s attention towards them, irrespective of the brand. 

Though jewellery has the power to showcase your best features and personality, it can have an opposite effect when you don’t give much thought to it. It is important to narrow down a few pieces that can help you look amazing for any event or occasion. 

Here are a few jewellery tips for older women that can help you find the right piece and make you look beautiful:

  • Choose colors that complement your skin undertone:

If you make a wrong choice in finding the right color balance that suits your skin, it may make you look even older than your actual age. A wrong choice of color could enhance your unbalanced skin tone and dark circles, adding more years to the skin. So, how to determine which colors complement your skin the best? Well, that entirely depends on the skin undertone you have. Ideally, ladies with a warm undertone should opt for earthy tones like yellows and oranges, while those with a cooler undertone should focus on purples, greens, aqua, and purples.

  • Avoid jewellery overload:

Most ladies make the mistake of adding too many jewellery layers. They layer necklaces and stack bracelets, as that’s a trend nowadays. However, wearing too many bold and complicated pieces may end up making you look like you are trying too hard, putting people off. Instead, choosing a simple and clean look will help convey elegance and sophistication and enhance your overall look. 

  • Opt for lighter, smaller earrings:

As you age, your earlobes, unfortunately, start to droop. Wearing large, heavy earrings will result in further pulling down your earlobes. Hence, it is best to opt for smaller, lighter earrings. Drop earrings work better for ladies with long hair, while stud earrings complement women having shorter hair. You can check out the trending earring collection at renowned jewellery stores in Delhi to make an informed choice. 

  • Consider pendant necklaces:

Wearing a pendant with a long chain gives an elongated look and can make you appear taller in contrast to wearing a shorter chain. Besides, it is also important to match your necklace with your outfit. For example, for a low V-necked clothing piece, a pendant that sits right at the V-shape will look great. A long necklace would look amazing over crew-necked and higher-necked clothing. Meanwhile, a shorter chain works well with a scoop and other kinds of rounded necklines. Remember, using pendant necklaces that enhance your outfit while keeping your look colorful, simplified, and elegant is the idea. 

  • Try different jewellery combinations:

During the 90s and 80s, jewellery sets were a rage. Ladies loved wearing necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that matched one another perfectly. However, in the present age, wearing a jewelry set will simply betray your real age. Hence, don’t be scared to avoid jewellery sets and choose jewellery pieces that complement your style, skin tone, and attire. Mix and match with different jewellery combinations to know which one works great for your personality and looks. You will likely find amazing results with some experimentation and determine what combination, colors, and styles complement you the best.

Where can you buy such jewellery pieces?

You can find a wide selection at competitive pricing at traditional brick-and-mortar stores. However, to make the jewellery shopping experience easier, most brands have also created their online store, making it convenient to find the most suitable jewellery, right in the comfort of your home. You can browse this website to check out their latest beautiful collection and buy one today!

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