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Review of 4raBet mobile app

When it comes to gaming, a mobile phone is one of the handiest tools to have. With bookies taking the time and effort to go out of their way to make mobile applications for their punters, it shows how much mobile technology has permeated the international community as a whole.

It comes as no surprise the 4rabet download is now available at absolutely no charge. A new entry to the bookie scene, this bookmaker is relatively new compared to other veterans. However, this bookie has been in operation for a couple of years and from what outsiders can observe from their actions, the company has learnt to keep up with the technology trends such as mobile technology. Looking at its track record, this bookie has been slowly increasing its market dominance through competitive practices such as providing mobile applications for its mobile users. If we are being honest, not many people may find the time and place and if they did, it wouldn’t be as convenient as compared to a smartphone.

How to download 4raBet on Android?

By Android’s policies, they actively restrict any application that provides access to games of chance and this does not allow any download from PlayStore. This shouldn’t perturb you, however. To get your hands on this one, you will have to visit their main website. A download link for the application is provided for the customer’s use and within seconds, you can get the apk file on your local storage. Go to their main website. At the bottom of their main page, you will see the Android icon. This is a link and you need it clicked to be taken to the Downloads section. Click the download button to begin the process and that’s all there is to it.

How do I install it?

Installation is one of the easiest tasks. Once the file was downloaded, I went to where the file was and tried to open the file. This automatically triggered my device’s security and a warning popped up. This should happen and you need to grant special permission to the application to allow an installation to occur. This is because the app has not gone through the official channels. When the popup shows up, it gives you an option to permit it to install. Clicking it, I was taken to the Settings where apparently, individual applications need permission to install applications. I simply agreed and the procedure continued smoothly. Within a couple of minutes, the app will be installed and you can access this bookie’s great services from the comfort of your palm.

How to download the 4raBet mobile app on iOS?

When it comes to Apple, for what they lack in alternatives they make for in inclusion. The manufacturer provides no means of accessing their customers apart from their official app store. This however makes them hard-fought to restrict any provider. Getting the app downloaded to your iOS device is quite simple. All I had to do was launch their App Store and search for the bookie’s name. A couple of apps came up which is no surprise given a lot of apps have the word bet in their name. I found that you can rely on the reviews to identify which app you need to download from similar apps. After that, all I had to do was click the download button to download the app to our device.

Installing to iOS procedure

When it comes to Apple, their official store is all you need to get any application installed on your device. Owing to its security policies, it comes as no surprise that the manufacturer provides no other alternative but its official app store. Launch the application store and search for the keywords, in this case, the bookie’s name. Once you identify the correct one, click the install button and the App Store takes care of the rest. Aesthetically, functionally and visually similar to the android version, the application serves you in much the same way the main website would and you won’t find yourself missing out on anything. With the application, however, it is noteworthy to mention that it comes with personalized notifications on your ongoing events and slips as well as highlights and favourite events and matches.

Mobile-optimized website

Should you be on the move somewhere, or find your device lacking in the specifications needed to run the app as designed, you shouldn’t be at all perturbed as a solution exists. The bookie considered this and created a website that is specifically designed to work on mobile devices. Owing to the much smaller screen size, the main website seems a bit cluttered and you will be forced to constantly zoom in and out to read and interact with the website. The mobile website is mobile optimized and the layout is specifically built for one-handed operation. You get everything as it is in the application with nothing missing except the app notifications. All markets, events and tools can easily be located from the navigation drawer accessed by swiping from the right.

Comparing the mobile website and application

When it comes to comparing the two solutions there are only two notable differences between them, personalization and notifications. While the mobile website works very well on your mobile device, you won’t get an application notification for events on your account unlike the 4rabet app itself. After a couple of uses, you can find that you can personalize the top picks you see when opening the application. Owing to the capability of marking favourite teams and events, you can easily find that you won’t miss out on any events involving your favourite teams.

What do I need to run this app on Android?

When it comes to Android devices, the open-source nature of the solution creates a diverse range of devices with different specifications and features. Developers need to take this into consideration seeing as they want their app to be readily accessible to as many customers as possible. The 4rabet app does need at least the following features on your device to work with no lag or interruptions

Android version of at least 5.1 KitKat
20 Mb System Memory
200Mb local storage on your device
3G internet connection

Other features such as biometric security can be used by the application through a device lacking it simply won’t have the option. This would give you the option of locking the application using your fingerprint.

What do I need to run it on iOS?

Apple devices have one of the longest support lifecycles in devices. Owing to this, most if not all of their devices in circulation can, at least to some extent, run the application. That being said, there are some minimum specifications to run the app and they include:

iOS version should be no later than 8.1.0
RAM 20Mb
Secondary Storage to hold application files 200Mb
3G internet connection

It is important to note that a much older iOS version will install the application but the operation would be considerably slow and prone to freezes. If that is the case, it would be better to use the mobile website on the phone’s browser.


Looking at this bookie, you note that they are in a very competitive market and they need to constantly adapt to the changing times. Long gone are the times when a bookie would shun technology in their operations and this growing trend of bookies having an application is proof of that. Overall, the 4rabet application works as advertised. IF you are a punter who loves using mobile applications belonging to your bookie, then you are in luck because 4rabet has one. You also get the mobile website version which is just perfect for much older devices and is far more convenient if you are not looking to do a lengthy installation procedure. A great bookie all around.


Can I get the app at no cost to me?

Yes, simply click the link above and you’ll get a free download of the app.

How do I log in to my account using the application?

When you first launch the application, a login screen is visible. Fill in your credentials and access to your account will be granted.

How do I send my stake if I’m in India?

With several payment solutions including banking, mobile as well as internet-based money methods, Indian customers can choose the most convenient transaction method.

How do you place a wager on this bookie’s platform?

Placing a wager involves three steps, creating the bet slip by finding the vent and market of your choice, funding your account and finally placing the stake of your choice on the bet. Then all you need to do is submit the bet.                                    

How can I get my winnings using the app?

All you need to do this is go to your account and trigger a withdrawal. The transactions are all free and you get your winnings using the method of your choice.

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