9 Fashion Accessories to Add Desi Swag To Your Wardrobe

Fashion is something that constantly changes with time. The fashion trends keep changing every month, but one timeless style never fades away, and it’s desi fashion. Those days are gone when the desi style was limited to only a saree. Today countless desi fashion elements can add instant desi swag to any outfit. Whether it’s a Nathani, the traditional Indian nose ring or a Kolhapuri chappal, you can transform any attire into a desi masterpiece without much effort. You would also be surprised to see popular brands offer unique and beautiful Kolhapuri chappal for women you must have never seen.

Rocking a desi or traditional attire can be challenging for many. But with the right guidance, you can incorporate some desi elements in your attire to offer you a desi look without trying. Here are nine fashion accessories that will add desi swag to your wardrobe.

Nath/Indian nose ring

Body piercings undoubtedly have a unique appeal in them. But there’s one traditional nose ring that has been a part of Indian tradition forever. Nath or Nathani is a popular Indian nose ring usually worn with Indian attires like the Maharashtrian saree. Nowadays, Nath can be worn with various Indi-western outfits and doesn’t fail to ooze its charm. You can also wear it with a Kurti and denim along with Juttis. It will instantly add desi swag to your outfit and personality.

Kolhapuri chappal

Nothing shouts desi swag better than a kolhapuri chappal. Kolhapuri chappal has been one of the most famous traditional footwear among women in India. It is worn on special occasions as well as used for daily use. With changing times, the conventional kolhapuris have a new and refreshing look. As the traditional Kolhapuri chappal used to be more subtle and minimalist, the modern Kolhapuri chappal for women is full of style and quirk. Modern Kolhapuri chappals for girls are embellished with adorable embellishments like flowers, birds, leaves and many other styles. They are more colourful and exhibit a wide range of patterns and designs. You can also see thread and embroidery work that you must have never seen on a Kolhapuri. Add these unique masterpieces of design and modern blend to your wardrobe right away.

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No matter what you wear, no outfit can match the elegance and beauty of a saree. Sarees are 6 yards of pure elegance when worn and can surely turn heads. There are countless varieties of sarees you can try. Paithani, Bandhani, Banarasi, Maheshwari, Sambalpuri, Pochampully, Chanderi, Phulkari, Patola, and Kanjivaram are some of the most popular varieties of sarees available to choose from. Sarees are a versatile outfit that you can wear on many occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthday parties. Sarees are also common attire for festivities in India. You can pair your saree with a Kolhapuri chappal to amplify your desi swag. Don’t forget to don cool sunglasses to top your look.


If you ask any woman out there what type of earrings they usually pair with a desi outfit, their answer will be Jhumka. Jhumkas or Jhumkis are the go-to earrings for any desi outfit. You can also experiment with casual or western outfits to stir up some heat. Jhumkas are available in various designs, styles and sizes. You can also try Oxidized antique jhumkas that add a unique and rich look to your attire. There are wide varieties of jhumkas as well. Some come with long chains that give you that dangling effect and go well with traditional outfits like lehengas and churidars.


One of the most underrated desi fashion elements is Bindi. Whether an entirely traditional outfit like a saree, lehenga or a casual western dress, a bindi can instantly add desi swag to your attire. It might feel a little absurd, but if you wear it confidently, you can easily carry a bindi on any outfit. You can flaunt a big red bindi or a small black one depending on your outfit. Bindis are also available in various shapes, sizes and colours, so you match the colour of your Bindi with your outfit colour as well.


Like Bindi, bangles are also an underrated desi fashion accessory. There’s a common misconception that only married women wear bangles, but that isn’t true. Whether married or single, bangles can be a beautiful desi accessory to add to your wardrobe. You can wear them the same way you wear your bracelets. You can also wear multiple bangles in one hand and leave the other one as it is. Even if you are wearing a western outfit, you can still wear bangles to experiment with your style.

Junk chokers

Chokers have managed to peek back into the fashion trends nowadays. Today’s popular influencers and many other women pair bold, junk chokers with western outfits that blend traditional and western attire. The junk chokers are big and often cover your entire neck. They have been embellished with gemstones chains, and their antique look surely elevates your style quotient. You can pair a junk choker with an oversized white shirt and blue denim and get an all-time hit look.

Bajuband (Arm Band)

It isn’t a secret that Indians have been using various kinds of pieces of jewellery for centuries. Besides bracelets and necklaces, many other secondary ornaments like Bajuband (armband) are very popular. Majorly worn with traditional sarees like Pathani, the bajuband has also found its way into modern fashion. Many fashionistas wear a Bajuband with their semi-traditional and even western outfits. Bajuband is often embedded with semi-precious and non-precious gemstones and chains. You can pair them with your western outfits and achieve a unique blend of western and traditional fashion.

Traditional Rings

Modern rings are all about minimalism. They are more subtle and do not easily stand out. There is also less variety in design and intricacy. But that isn’t the case with desi rings. Design rings are extravagant and flaunt unique, intricately crafted designs. You can wear these rings to create a strong fashion statement and add a hint of desi swag to your outfit.

Modern fashionistas are always on the lookout for upgrading their wardrobes. Instead of piling up the same old, similar accessories, it’s time to breathe a new life in your wardrobe with these desi accessories. Make sure you add these accessories to add a hint of desi swag to your wardrobe.

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