Notable Rise of Women Cricket Bettors: How Is The Sports Betting Scene Evolving?

Women’s cricket is becoming more popular than ever before in India and around the world, and some of the major cricket events that have helped with its growth are the Women’s Big Bash League and the Australian women’s Twenty20 cricket tournament. Women’s cricket has been the main reason why there has been a sharp rise in the number of women placing regular sports bets. 

Gambling online today is far more accessible, and there are now more sports betting sites to choose from. Advertising, promotional offers, and even website designs have started being geared more towards attracting women, which has also helped with the increase in female cricket bettors. Here is a closer look at how the sports betting scene is currently evolving. 

How big is women’s cricket?

Women’s professional cricket may not be as popular as men’s professional cricket, and there’s still quite a way to go. However, in recent years women’s cricket has seen a sharp rise in viewership and the number of people attending the games. The success of the Indian national women’s cricket team has helped the sport appeal more to women in India, and a similar pattern is also emerging in most other countries where women’s cricket is popular, such as Australia and England. 

Some of the biggest women’s events on the cricketing calendar that have helped fuel this growth are the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, the Big Bash League, and the Australian women’s Twenty20 cricket tournament. In short, women’s cricket is becoming more mainstream and is bigger than ever before. The popularity of the sport has also led to a huge increase in the number of women bettors that now place regular real money wagers at licensed sports betting sites.  

What other gambling sites do women have access to 

It’s not just sports betting sites that are seeing an increase in new female customers. Online casinos, for example, are also becoming more popular among women. The best online casino India has to offer today is a site called Casumo Casino; the platform has seen steady growth in all areas, and in particular an increase in the number of new female members signing up. This fully licensed gambling is more than just a casino. It also has a live dealer casino product AND sports betting product all under one roof, which is one of the reasons why it’s so popular. 

Anyone who signs up here today can claim a 150% matching deposit bonus worth up to INR15,000 on their first deposit, plus you can also get up to INR101 cashback per day for the next seven days. 

How have gambling sites helped increase the number of women bettors

Some of the more well-established sports betting sites that have been around for several years, as well as the brand new sites, have been introducing new methods to try and attract female customers to their websites, and it appears to be working. For example, some of the newer sports betting sites have been designed to visually appeal to a broader range of women bettors with specific themes and designs, whereas traditionally, a lot of content at these websites has been more geared explicitly towards enticing men to sign up.

The major sports betting sites have added lots more betting markets for women’s cricket, which has led to an increase in women who are interested in the sport placing bets. That’s not to say that women only place wagers on women’s sports, but it has definitely helped fuel the growth of women cricket bettors. 

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