Should You Play Free Spins in Online Casinos?

Of the many bonuses offered by online casinos, free spins are one of them. Free spins are offered under different circumstances depending on the circumstances. Free spins are normally available on reels in slot games. You are given a specific number of spins.

You may wonder if you should play free spins in online casinos. The answer is yes, you should play them. There are a lot of benefits in playing freespins in online casinos. But first, lets us get to know more about free spins.

About free spins

There are two circumstances under which a free spin is given. The first is if you are a new player and have just registered to an online casino. This has become so popular it is now normal to receive free spins immediately after registration.

The other situation is if you have spent a certain amount of time or money playing a game. Preferably a game that involves spins, so that you can get free spins.

There are usually bonus codes that you can use to get free spins at any time. Other than the ones offered to you, you have to be keen to come across a bonus code.

i. Normal free spins- These are offered after making cash deposits, and normally have a time limit. They can also be limited to specific games.
ii. Free cash- These are the ones offered after signing up to an online casino. They give you some money to use for spinning. The amount cannot be withdrawn, but สล็อตเว็บตรง at least you don’t use your own money yet.
iii. Free spins no deposit- These don’t need you to make a deposit and aren’t restricted to newcomers. They are riskfree and don’t have any wagering requirements.

You now know what free spin bonuses are, and where and when they are offered. Here is why you should discover free spins casino sites.

They are riskfree

Free spins are free, meaning there is no financial risk. The whole reason why people are afraid of spinning games is the high risk. If you are a safe gambler, then free spins are ideal for you. The fear of losing is eliminated.

When you lose, you get disappointed because you lost money, not the game. Probably also because you lost potential winnings. However, with free spins, the only disappointment would be missing out on potential winnings.

There would be no disappointment in losing your money. Instead, you would have only lost a game, and nothing financially. Also, it is rare for someone to be offered only one free spin.

The spins are normally in multiples of ten, for instance, 10 free spins or 100 free spins. This means that losing one spin isn’t the end of the road. It even makes it more interesting because you can win more the more spins there are.

They can be used for testing

There are different types of free spins. One of the types of free spins is the no deposit one. This one can sometimes be accessible even before you start playing in a casino.

This allows you to test the game and see whether it is worth you going back for more. Most of the time, the games are good enough for you to come back.

However, in the rare scenario they are not, you would have saved yourself the time. The number of free spins you get in such a spin will indicate what to expect.

If you prefer more spins as most people do, then it will be evident in the free spins. This is a solid enough reason for you to try out free spins in online casinos.

You can make extra money

Once you have signed up to a casino and become a regular, then you have probably come across all spins. Whether it is the free spins at the start, the random ones, or the ones after depositing.

Since the spins are free, there is always a chance of making extra free money that you wouldn’t have made. Not all free spins guarantee you real cash winnings at the end, but some do.

For the ones that do, they present an opportunity of making extra cash through winnings. Such free spins often come after spending a good amount of money. It is therefore only justifiable that you try and make that money back by winning in the free spins.

Why casinos offer you free spins

Online casinos could choose not to offer free spins, but they do. Other than just appreciating the customers, there have to be other reasons why online casinos offer free spins to customers. They wouldn’t do this if it did not add value to the online casinos.

There are two other major reasons that casinos offer free spins, and they include:

i. Gaining customers

Free spins are an attraction for customers, as they are used to entice people. For you to get free spins, you have to register at a casino. By doing so and playing the free spin, you will get enthusiastic.

If you win, you will want to win more and will keep playing. If you lose, you will want to avenge whether immediately or not. The online casinos gain anyway.

Also, if the free spins are as good as you expect, then you are likely to talk about it. Talking about it is a way of advertising it to other people. If they go and try it out too, the casino would have benefited more.

ii. Free spins are profitable

It may be hard to see how offering free spins can be profitable to online casinos. One of the free spins is the one where you have to deposit a certain amount.

To get this bonus, you have to spend the money you deposited first. By doing so, the casinos naturally profit from that, hence why they offer free spins.

Also, if you win money from free spins, you are likely to use it on other games. Either way, all parties involved come out as winners with free spins.


There is no reason why you should not play free spins at online casinos. They are profitable, have no risk, are free, and can help you sample the types of spinning games to play.

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