6 Tips for Winning Big in Online Crypto Gambling

There are certain tips you should keep in mind while playing in crypto casinos. These include the house edge, unwritten rules of the game, and the chances of winning smaller jackpots. The house edge, or the amount that the casino will charge you to cover losses, is a very real factor in crypto gambling. Thankfully, there are many ways to avoid this. You can also follow our tips for depositing funds into an anonymous account on gambling platforms like Betsson Greece.

1.Be Aware of the Unwritten Rules of Crypto Gambling

When it comes to crypto gambling, the unwritten rules are the same as those for traditional gambling with fiat currency. Bitcoin gambling is not a new concept, and the first site to launch was SatoshiDice, which saw people wager hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins. Thankfully, the concept has been growing ever since. But there are a few things to keep in mind to maximize your chances of winning big.

2. Mind Your Chances of Winning Smaller Jackpots

The use of cryptocurrencies in online casino gaming has led to a number of new innovations and unique wagering options. Once only confined to the world of science fiction, cryptocurrencies have now penetrated many industries. In the case of slot machines, players can find that their chances of winning smaller jackpots are better than those of larger ones. This is due to the random number generator, which creates a large discrepancy between the pool of random numbers that trigger the jackpot.

3. Pay Attention to the House Edge

Crypto casinos are gaining popularity due to the fact that their odds are better than conventional casino games. However, players must be aware of the house edge when playing at such casinos. The house edge varies according to the game being played and the location of the casino. European roulette games typically have a 2.70% house edge, while American roulette games have a 5.26% house edge. Therefore, players should choose a crypto casino with a house edge below 1% to avoid losing their hard-earned money.

The House Edge is the percentage of a gambling provider’s winnings over its costs. It helps the provider cover its expenses and recoup its costs. This percentage of the total amount wagered by players is called the return to the player. In addition, players are able to earn more in a 0% house edge casino. These advantages of crypto gambling are not limited to its convenience, however. 

4.Consider Depositing Funds into an Anonymous Account

Online casinos now offer the opportunity to deposit funds into anonymous accounts in exchange for real-time winnings. Crypto online casinos are no different than conventional ones except for how they handle withdrawals and cashouts of cryptos. To get started, many online casinos offer in-house wallets for new players. Once you have registered, you simply deposit an initial ‘wager’ into your wallet and then wager using the funds in your account. You may lose all or part of your initial ‘wager’ if you win.

5. Apply for a VIP program

When you’re looking for a crypto gambling site, a VIP program can be a great choice. These programs are designed to reward high-volume players and other perks. VIP players at participating cryptocurrency gambling sites have an advantage over other players because their deposits and withdrawals are processed more quickly and with a smaller minimum deposit amount. Many crypto casinos also offer Rakeback programs, which reward VIP players with 22% of their winnings.

In addition to VIP benefits, some crypto gambling sites offer special VIP deposit bonuses. These reload offers are similar to welcome bonuses but may be tailored to their high-volume members. These bonuses may even be tied to specific gambling activities. Many cryptocurrency casinos offer VIP programs to reward their loyal customers. Those who deposit with a crypto casino often get special VIP benefits, such as exclusive jackpots. Among these benefits are deposit match bonuses, VIP jackpots, and exclusive VIP casino bonuses.

6. Carefully Choose a Cryptocurrency to Bet with

Choosing a cryptocurrency to bet with is crucial to winning in crypto gambling. There are many benefits to using a certain cryptocurrency in your gambling endeavors, so choosing the best one for you will come down to personal choice and preference. Ethereum, for example, is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. While it is still a relatively new coin, it has many benefits that make it a great choice for cryptocurrency betting.

Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency and set a precedent for many altcoins to follow. Bitcoin is widely accepted, and certain casinos will only accept Bitcoin transactions. In August 2018, the Bitcoin network went through a hard fork, creating Bitcoin Cash. This altcoin improved the security of Bitcoin transactions and has an approachable exchange rate. It is worth considering Bitcoin Cash as a viable option when starting out in crypto gambling.


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