Don’t make these mistakes when preparing for the NEET exam

National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is undoubtedly one of the most challenging exams to crack. The NEET examination is a gateway to starting one’s medical journey. Lakhs of aspirants compete every year to find their place in the field of medicine. As difficult as the exam may be, we at Parishrama NEET Academy in Bangalore, believe that a good strategy with focused efforts can ensure that you can get over the cut-off marks successfully. If you are a candidate who is serious about the NEET exam preparation, then you must avoid the following common mistakes:

1. Not solving enough questions

Practice as many questions as possible. Often, students focus on revising the subjects for theory exams and fall short of time to practice solving multiple-choice questions. Knowing how to strike the right balance between preparing for theory exams and for NEET exams will help the students in many ways. On average, it is advised that students must solve a minimum of 100 to 150 questions every day.

2. Not aiming for a higher rank

As much as it is important to crack the exam, it is equally important to set a high benchmark for oneself. If you are preparing with the idea of just getting over the exam with a bare minimum rank, then chances are you might end up with an even lower rank. Aim higher and prepare in such a way that you will be among the top rankers in the country, then you will achieve higher.

3. Not prioritising self-study

The coaching institutions can support you to their level best but performing in the exam is left in your hands. What distinguishes between the ones who make it to the top and the ones who don’t is their commitment and discipline for self-study. It is highly advised to have a daily schedule and go through the reading materials.

4. Not taking care of health

When you prepare for the NEET exam, there is pressure and expectations, and when the results aren’t going well, it could lead to stress and anxiety. Taking care of physical and mental health is vital while preparing for the NEET exam. Taking sufficient breaks from studying so that you can come back recharged, eating healthy, and practising physical exercises will do wonders for your overall well-being. This creates a sound body and mind which ultimately results in good scores.

5. Indulging in social media

In this age, social media has become a part of our daily life so much that it is almost unavoidable. It is hard for some people to manage their time when most of it is spent on social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and so on. They not only eat away our precious time but also destroy our focus. It is important that students sacrifice social media altogether during their preparation phase. Using a basic phone which does not support such applications can be a useful trick to distance from social media.

6. Don’t compare yourself with others

It is important to evaluate your performance in preliminary tests so that you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses. However, comparing your scores with your fellow classmates can seriously hamper your confidence levels. When the idea of comparing oneself with others starts creeping into your mind, then it may lead to an inferiority complex and can have a negative impact on one’s mental health. Stop looking at the people ahead of you and start focussing on how you can improve your performance in the test. 

We will help you overcome these roadblocks and help you achieve greater heights. Book your seat today at one of the finest NEET academies in Bangalore!

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