5 best Affiliate Programs to find high-Quality Affiliate Products!

We all tend to buy from the brands we trust. We rarely go towards the brands which are new in the market until they have something unique to offer us. Like for an instance if you have to buy a web hosting service whom would you trust? A person who just started his blog or some professional from similar industry who doesn’t promote a product rather shares his personal experience after testing the service.

Joining a credible affiliate network and promoting products from a credible source makes your content all the more relevant to the potential audience. Finding yourself a reliable affiliate program can help you find high-quality affiliate products which can earn you high commissions. You’ll be surprised to know that 83% of businesses prefer to recruit affiliates for their product or service using affiliate networks. 

Advertisers prefer affiliate networks because they manage everything on their own. Whereas marketers prefer them because of ease of availability, the range of products and credibility. There are several affiliate networks, some are known for their high commissions and some for their poor policies and support. 

1.Amazon Associates: 

Amazon being the world’s largest e-commerce platform offers the biggest affiliate network named Amazon Associate. It has almost 1 million affiliates registered. Affiliate marketers would prefer Amazon over other platforms because of its strong market base. Amazon is a one-stop shop and you can find everything available on this mighty platform. There are numerous products on Amazon to choose from. Amazon is the best choice for any affiliate as it sells anything you name, no matter from which niche you belong you’ll find something relevant to it on Amazon. 

Pros of Amazon: 

  • Unlimited product categories
  • Easy to get started with it
  • High conversion rate 
  • Masses trust Amazon for its service
  • You not only get a commission for promoting the product but also for every sale happened through your referral
  • Amazon booms on holidays


  • It has a one-day cookie policy
  • Terms and conditions are slightly difficult to understand
  • Commission rates are low for most of the categories
  • Very strict policies and sites frequently get banned for minor violations


Jet- is a new eCommerce site but is rapidly growing. It started back in 2015 and gained success in a very short time span because of its remarkably low prices and diversity of product range which is quite similar to the Amazon. Their USP is a real-time pricing algorithm which makes sure that consumers get the cheapest prices possible. Jet’s commission rates are relatively low as compared to Amazon but this growing eCommerce platform is making his way up with every passing day. 

Pros of Jet: 

  • It is the best alternative to Amazon
  • Offer better commission rates than Amazon in few categories
  • Rapidly growing eCommerce platform


  • Jet is in growing phase and buyers aren’t aware of it that is why they are hesitant in buying from them.
  • As product prices on the platform are relatively low, which clearly implies that commissions will be low too. Depends on the choice of product. 
  • Commission rate is 2.5% for most of the categories which are quite low. Like if you are promoting Xfinity TV deals you may get higher commission than usual products or services in the list. 
  • Not much of success affiliate stories are affiliated with Jet right now. But people are earning from it. 

3. FlexOffers: 

FlexOffers is a giant platform which connects huge advertisers with bloggers, content marketers, and other publishers. They offer more than 12000 affiliate programs which are carefully categorized to make the search easier. 

FlexOffers also offer an affiliate program of its own with which you can earn 50% commission of FlexOffers through every conversion that used your referral link. It also offers a dedicated relationship manager which can help you with all your queries and issues. You can always browse through the best performing affiliate programs on FlexOffers using advertiser search to find yourself the best affiliate product. 

Pros of FlexOffers: 

  • Instant approval
  • Gathers thousands of amazing advertisers on a single platform
  • Provision of a dedicated relationship manager
  • 50% commission sharing through FlexRev


  • PayPal facility is only available for international advertisers

4. ShareASale:

ShareASale is also a major platform with up to 4000 advertisers. It has been around for a long time now and is a known affiliate platform. A few programs available on the platform pay up to 80% commission whereas most of the programs pay between 5% to 20% commission. The platform has divided affiliate programs into 40 major categories. You can find yourself bestselling affiliate programs in Popular Merchants category. 

Pros of ShareASale: 

  • One of the oldest and trustable affiliate platform 
  • A wide collection of merchants
  • Many Affiliate programs are exclusive to ShareASale and offer better commissions here 
  • Several sub-niches 
  • Also offers two-tier commissions to some advertisers


  • The interface isn’t user-friendly
  • Confusing UI makes it difficult to contact different merchants

5. Commission Junction: 

This affiliate network is been around since 1998 and gathers up 3000+ leading advertisers on one platform. Every category contains hundreds of advertisers and brands. If you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing then this is a great place to start with. It doesn’t require any registration fee. Niche bloggers, Content marketers, and others would find a wide variety of digital and physical products to promote and earn commission from. 

Commission Junction just doesn’t make the advertiser search easier for affiliates but also provide advertisers with useful data to find themselves the best affiliate. 

Pros of Commission Junction: 

  • Reliable and credible Affiliate network
  • Most of the leading advertisers have confidence in CJ
  • CJ Performer program help in uplift the performing affiliates
  • The platform specifically organize training and events to connect the publishers and advertisers


  • Direct deposits only or Payoneer. No PayPal
  • Terms and conditions are a little confusing
  • Need Advertiser’s approval to get started


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