Who can apply for the SAFe Scrum Master Training course?

Who can apply for the SAFe Scrum Master Training course?

Whenever individuals are interested to undertake any kind of certification in life then they need to be very much clear about the basic technicalities associated with it. Being clear about the application status and the application criteria of the scrum master certification or training courses is advisable for people to avoid any kind of chaos so that suitability can be easily and shown at every step. Following are some of the most important requirements which people need to study at the time of undertaking the SAFe scrum master certification:

Anybody can take part in this particular certification course regardless of the work experience which they are having and the eligibility criteria will be as follows:


  • People need to be aware of the agile concepts, values and principles
  • Everybody needs to be very much clear about the basic knowledge of scrum and extreme programming or XP
  • People need to be familiar with the software and hardware development process in the whole thing so that there is no chance of any kind of chaos or hassle element throughout the process.


The SAFe scrum master exam prerequisites are as follows:

  • People need to have the experience of working in to lean-agile environment
  • People must have completed the training course delivered by the skilled agile partner to have access to the exam and all the related study materials in the whole process.


Some of the very basic steps which people need to follow at the time of applying for the SAFe Scrum Master certification are explained as:

  1. First of all, people need to register and attend the two days scrum training with the help of the SAFe program consultant
  2. After this people need to receive the SAFe Scrum exam access and sign in to take in the examination
  3. Then people need to pass this particular exam with a passing score of approximately 75%
  4. After these people will be clearing the examination very easily and further, they can easily enjoy the one year of membership of the scaled agile very successfully throughout the process.

Some of the most important advantages of the SAFe scrum master certification are explained as:

  1. People will be playing the role of the scrum master of the team as well as in the organisation
  2. Everyone will be able to enjoy the maximum business value in the whole process
  3. There will be one year of membership of the scaled agile incorporated community platform
  4. People can very easily learn and contribute to the SAFe scrum community of practice
  5. Networking and connecting with approximately more than 1,50,000 people will be perfectly carried out by the concerned individuals
  6. Development of the program increments and execution of the program iterations will be carried out very easily by people
  7. Everybody can significantly apply the knowledge of scrum master to real-world problems and issues
  8. Everyone will be able to learn with the help of case studies, role-play, simulations and games
  9. People will be able to derive the maximum value and maximum business output with the application of all these kinds of skills.

Hence, having a clear idea about the technicalities associated with the scrum organisation is vital for people to make sure that overall goals are very easily achieved.

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